I gotta say, I loved “Train” from when I heard their “Drops of jupiter” back then…

I somehow thought they were jsut another one hit wonder, turns out:No!

There were plenty of songs released and I just didnt realise it was Train…

Then I saw a german movie and heard the song “Hey Soulsister” and I was like “Maaaaan, this song is awesome!” so I put on my Soundhog, a must have-app for the Iphone, and found out it was seriously Train!!

I couldnt believe it!

I downloaded that song off Itunes and listened to it for almost two weeks straight haha

Only a bit later I heard another song and thought that they were sounding a lot like Train…little did I know: It was Train!

This time it was “It’s love” that I couldnt get off my head lol

So I considered to maybe give the whole record a listen and so did I.

I gotta say, I’m  absolutely strange when it comes to me…if the lyrics dont fit, I dont like the whole song…

But this time I got the feeling that pretty each song is just wonderful! Which is rare for me 😀

So if you didnt give them a listen, totally do! NOW! And I’m about sure; You wont regret it!!


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