about La Steffilicious…

So, this is the section “about me”

What is there about me that you could be interested in??

Lets see:

First of all: My Name is Stefanie, but I go by with the name Steffi and I’m 25 yrs old…or young, depends on the point of view but my view sure is “old”. Right now I’m doing an apprenticeship as an office administrator, which I absolutely love! In case you wonder about it: Yup, its my first and yup, I’m late with it and I know this…no need to tell me that!

I use the word “lol” way too often, in case you might wonder about it… lol

I’m a junkie for make up…doesnt matter what brand, what color, or for which part of the face…
I’d say I have way too much make up, but never enough, so I just collect every single bit that I can get my hands on and try around a lot.
So you sure will find here one or another picture of my make ups as I love showing off HAHA no, just kidding, I just love to do make ups and maybe help some persons with it as much as I can since I’m sure not a pro with it.

I’m addicted to coke… not the white jazziness that destroys your brain but the brown fluent jazziness that destroys perfect bodyshapes and theeth.

Also I’m addicted to concerts and saw quite a lot. Well a lot of shows but not a lot of artists since I love going to see more shows of one particular artist 🙂

Not only am I an addict for concerts but for music in general. I love music. Music makes my world go round. And it took me so far that I threw out my tv, yay! Plus, driving around with my car and listen to loud music is pure LOVE!

I sure watch series and movies but not that much that I would post much about it on here…otherwise it must be pure awesomeness!

After I told you about pretty everything that I love, you might wanna know if there is anything I dislike?!

Well, yes. I dislike and hate a lot of things…there is for example the country I live in, snow, impolite people, drugs, war and all that jazz…but I guess that is just what everyone hates…

I think this is all for now…? Yes! And if you really made it through this whole novel that I wrote, you might wanna leave a comment or anything so I can welcome you in my personal record. If not…well…ADIOS! 🙂


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